Living Memorial Fund

A memorial gift presented to the YMCA is a nice gesture to show honor for a person who has died. Relatives and friends are pleased to know someone outside the family has thought enough to show recognition. It tells those close to the family that you too care. But, what about the future, beyond the initial recognition period, is it only the impression that's left? The "Living Memorial" was established to show an effect for the future. The very first monetary gifts presented to this fund went into Youth Leadership Development for the Family Y. From the first (4) gifts given in 1972, all money given to date has been invested in the Charles City Family YMCA's Endowment Fund and the earnings have been earmarked for Youth Programs. We offer multiple ways to meet your personal giving goals: " Our ANSU / Partner With Youth Campaign provides financial assistance for programs and memberships for youth and families in need. " Planned Giving assures that for generations to come Y programs will continue to change lives. " Capital Giving insures our Y facility is safe, secure, up-to-date and designed to meet the ongoing needs of the community. We believe in wise stewardship. Thanks to a balanced operational structure that allows the Charles City Family YMCA to offset fundraising expenses with revenues from membership and program fees, 100% of our contributed dollars go directly to their intended purpose. This structure has been one of the organization's greatest strengths since the Y's founding in 1908.

Stacie Lynn Uetz Recognition Wall

On October 13, 1982 the Stacie Lynn Uetz Recognition Wall in the Charles City Family YMCA was dedicated. Stacie died at the age of 10, on October 23, 1981, a victim or Reyes Syndrome.

As an active member of the YMCA, Stacie participated in various activities as well as learning to swim at the YMCA.

The Memorial Wall itself is composed of a ceramic mural of Stacie, surrounded by 4"X6: ceramic tiles. These tile will be sold to interested parties and organizations for engraving in recognition of special events desired to be so honored The wall will provide a means of permanent, visible recognition. Over 200 tile were intially reserved for this means of recognition for the future.

The funds raised by selling these tile will be secured in a Trust Fund for the Charles City Family YMCA, with only the proceeds of the Fund being used for Youth Activities of the YMCA. Finances for the initial establishment of the wall were provided by Sharon and Al Uetz, and Nancy & Jerry Joerger, parents and Aunt & Uncle respectively of Stacie.

One of the first tile installed was in honor of Coburn Chapler, a former Executive Director of the Charles City "Raymond YMCA". The YMCA prior to the tornado of 1968, was located at 713 Blunt Street and know as the Raymond YMCA.

The public is invited to stop at the YMCA or phone for more information on this unique method of recognition for friends, releatives, groups or occasions.

YMCA Endowment Fund

Why Have An Endowment Fund? Establishing an endowment fund is very important to an organization which plans to serve the community for many years. Economic conditions often change over time and it is prudent to make financial plans for the future. The endowment fund was created to provide resources for our YMCA for the future. There is not a minimum amount on making a gift to endowment. Any size gift will help. Many people don't have large sums of money to give, but small donations in memory of loved ones or a tribute to a special friend is an option. You can name the YMCA as a beneficiary of an insurance policy as well as gifts of land or investments that have appreciated over time. We welcome the opportunity to discuss options with anyone who wishes to help ensure the future of our YMCA.

Charitable Gift Annuities: The charitable gift annuity is a simple arrangement that allows you to make gifts to the Charles City Family YMCA and lock in a secure lifetime income for you and/or a loved one. To establish a gift annuity with the Charles City Family YMCA, you donate cash, marketable securities or other property, and in return the YMCA pledges you and/or another annuitant a fixed amount for life. Gift annuities offer you a number of economic benefits: " You are entitled to a sizable income tax charitable deduction. " Annuity income and your tax savings usually produce increased spendable income. " When you donate appreciated property, capital gain taxes may be avoided. " The donated assets are removed from your estate for gift and estate tax purposes. Most importantly, the financial benefits derived from creating a gift annuity enable friends of the Charles City Family YMCA to make significant contributions, often larger than would otherwise be possible or comfortable. If you have an interest in exploring a type of planned gift or remembering the Charles City Family YMCA in a special way, please contact your Financial Advisor or a Member of the Charles City Foundation Board of Trustees.

YMCA Foundation Board Of Trustees

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